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about pastor jj bell

Pastor Jorge Julius Bell, affectionately known as “Pastor Jay” was born on October 16, 1974 in Harvey, IL to the union of Deacon George Bell and Missionary Charlotte Bell.  Early on, his parents noticed he had a special musical gift and his musical ability blossomed at seven years old.  He found himself playing the organ and piano, which led to him being immersed into gospel music. 
Pastor J.J. Bell still has an intrinsic passion for music. He has over twenty years of experience in the gospel music industry. He has accompanied various gospel choirs and world renowned artists including but not limited to: Tennessee State Gospel Choir, O’landa Draper, Kurt Carr & the Kurt Carr Singers, Richard Smallwood, Kim Burrell, Twinkie Clark-Terrell, Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Kelvin Lenox, James Moore, Beverly Crawford, James Hall as well as many Chicago based choirs and artists.  
He released his first CD project, “Jay Jay Bell & Friends.” This project has been distributed all across the United States, Canada, and foreign countries as far as Japan. Looking back his musical ability was his segway into ministry.
Pastor J.J. Bell was accepted his calling as a minister August 8th, 2004. While encountering one of the toughest seasons of his life, Pastor J.J. Bell received a vision for his pastoral ministry in a dream. Pastor J.J. Bell recounts the day to be Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 to be exact.


This call to elevation prepared him for fulfilling the dream concerning his church. His life’s journey was full of trials that tested his faith, but his belief in God stabilized him during those tumultuous times.
He operated in faith and launched his first bible study group on September 8, 2016. Currently there are three different bible study sessions offered to educate and equip all who believe in Christ. Twenty-eight people came to the vision meeting in December, just three months after the bible study launch. This rapid growth trend is evident in many areas of the ministry to date.
Early that next year, Pastor J.J. Bell decided to walk in the fulfillment of his pastoral appointment.
Pastor J.J. Bell operates under the leadership of Jurisdictional Bishop Darrel Hines of Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (IMEJ) and Mother Whitley Jurisdictional Supervisor.  He also serves as AIM Chairman for IMEJ.  
February 11th, 2017 over 35 people joined his ministry. The next day, Pastor J.J. Bell founded New Life Restoration Ministries, alongside his wife Lady CeCe Bell (co-pastor). In the first year over 100 people found Christ and joined the ministry.
Since then, Pastor J.J. Bell and NLRM have worked tirelessly to refresh the world by being a beacon of light within the church, community and beyond. Pastor J.J. Bell founded his ministry possessing a world vision. His hope in Christ motivates him to create new ways he can reach people of all walks of life. This is evident in New Life Restoration Ministries’ community building efforts. The ministry offers counseling services, youth mentorship programs, community outreach specifically to hospitals and nursing homes, among many other things. The aim is to offer a Christ-centered perspective to mentorship, education and development. 

Aside from the innumerable community outreach efforts, it is the pleasure of Pastor J.J. Bell and NLRM to build up the believer’s spiritual life through prayer, discipleship, and biblical based self-empowerment teachings.
Pastor J.J. Bell has become masterful in his delivery of God’s word. He specializes in offering life-applicable teachings with innovative sermon-strategies that are full of wisdom, yet remain relatable to any and all people. His unique gift of prayer, intercession and prophetic impartation are unique to his anointing. Through his keen spiritual gifts, he is able to deliver precise and empowering prophetic words by which one can be governed.

NLRM currently operates in various facets of ministry that serve the community and feed the spirit of the individual.
Within only three and a half years of NLRM’s existence, God has allowed them to acquire their first property. The 7,500 square foot three-story building located in the prime market of Frankfort, IL, is accompanied by two acres of land. This miracle property was purchased within just 4 years of NLRM's inception, and Pastor J.J. Bell credits the favor of God that continues to guide the ministry.

Pastor J.J. Bell and NLRM believe that God will restore you & give you a brand new life! You can meet Pastor J.J. Bell, his wife, and the entire NLRM family doing kingdom works at 7837 Lincoln Highway Frankfort, IL. Currently Sunday service is held at 12 noon. You can get a refreshing word Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. For more information on Pastor Bell and New Life Restoration Ministries visit or call 708-320-3434.


about lady cece bell

Lady CeCe Bell was raised in a house to serve and honor God first. Her parents Rev. Dr. William Clifford & Renetta Seay raised her in the Baptist Fellowship,where her father served as a Pastor for over 40 years.  At the age of 14, Lady Bell left the Baptist Church to work under the appointed Bishop Loran E. Mann of the Vermont Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. It was there that God called Lady Bell to various spiritual leadership roles that allowed her to continue to use her spiritual gifts for ministry work. Lady Bell later returned to Chicago and joined the St. James COGIC and served diligently under the late Bishop Willie James Campbell. In 1999, Lady Bell returned back to the Baptist Church Organization and was licensed a Deaconess Missionary in 2000. Never really severing her ties with the Church of God in Christ, she returned to the Church of God in Christ with her Mother, Evangelist Renetta Seay-Patterson.

Experiencing various life challenges along the way, Lady Bell gives all the Glory to God for blessing her in early 2015 with the best blessing yet, her husband, Pastor J.J. Bell. Alongside her husband, she has helped initiate the creation of New Life Restoration Ministriesand NLR Ministries, Inc (501c3).   It is now through her and her husband’s ministry that those spiritual gifts God has placed in her are truly being manifested for his glory, as she serves with him in ministry and as the Assistant District Missionary in their District Fellowship. Lady Bell operates as the Co-Pastor of New Life Restoration Ministries as well as, the Chief Operating Officer of NLR Ministries, Inc and Executive Administrator of the New Life Restoration Ministries Church.  In her professional life Lady Bell is an Advance Nurse Clinical Specialist with 2 Masters’and working on completion of her Doctorate. Lady Bell is an Executive Clinical Account Consultant for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Montana, and Texas, where she collaborates with the senior account teams on major Enterprise National Accounts that bring in millions of dollars in revenue to the organization by offering her clinical expertise, assessment and evaluation of their medical management programs. The best is yet to come asLady CeCe Bell knows that it’s by the grace of God that she is here with another opportunity to thank God for the things he has done in her life and continues to do for her and her family.

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